Portfolio 2:  Camber Coffee


This is such a new installation that I only have my iPhone captures to demonstrate its cool factor.  If you are a Bellingham local, do visit 221 W Holly Street and see the space and these paintings in person.


Early in 2017, the principals of Camber coffee met with me about a new flagship cafe in the works for their microroasted coffee (Camber supplies coffee to many fine dining establishments and cafes around the world).  Although I didn't have access to the interior design elements, Michelle from Spiral Design Studios also met with me to help me understand the aesthetic goals of the space.  It is so much more fabulous than I could have imagined.  


Camber has a real atmospheric element to its marketing.  I worked off of that and the fact that many of the design elements were going to be quite masculine--grey cement tiles, black leather banquette, wood and whites.  Strong pink underpaintings were layered to create soft atmospheres inspired by the mountains, Bellingham Bay and Lake Whatcom.


They are each 48x48" and hang under the soffit above the wonderful long banquette.





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    Sharon Kingston is a Northwest WA oil painter who uses the properties of her medium to create paintings that respond to both the atmosphere of her surroundings and poetry. This method of looking inward and outward and, in the moments of painting, finding her way on the canvas is her approach to creating paintings infused with poetry and the memory of landscape. The atmospheric element of her work is a testament to her desire to create spaces that are undefined, contemplative and allow room to reflect and accept uncertainty. Poetry, by nature open ended, is used both in the conceptualization of the work and as a part of the studio practice. The words of Rainer Rilke have informed Sharon’s work for many years, but she also turns to contemporary poetry when it resonates with her life. She uses layers of transparent color, reveals forms by concealing and unearthing pentimenti and suggests elements of landscape in her process.