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2010 Allied Arts Juried Artist Series

Interpretations: with the sculptures of Francie Allen and the paintings of Sharon Kingston July 2-31st at Allied Arts of Whatcom County Opening Reception July 2 6pm to 10pm

On Tuesday I am delivering 16 paintings to Allied Arts for an exhibit titled “Interpretations”. I’m so excited to be showing my reading rilke paintings as a group along with the fabulous wire sculptures of Francie Allen. Francie and I both have studios in the Bay Street Village Building, but this is the first time our work will be shown together. All my unpeopled spaces enveloping and surrounding her life size figures, wow! Her works an interpretation of modern dance, mine of poetry. The wire making Francie’s figures transparent and ethereal: the layering of transparent paint and undefined edges and atmospheres suggesting the same in my pieces. I hope you all get a chance to see this exhibit and would love it if you made it to the opening.

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