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A Whisper of Things to Come

As some of you who read this blog know, I took a non-art job about two months ago after having painted, taught and run a gallery for the past three years.  I’m happy to report that I’ve been finding a way to balance the art into the equation.  Although I’m still hoping to find a couple more hours of studio time every week after I’m done with the new job stuff and a big work project that culminates in March–I’m pretty good with how it’s all worked out.  A challenging work gig with a steady paycheck and the ability to keep my “final resting place” studio and some time to create and exhibit my work.  All is well today.

And, I’ve found, even without the built in gallery space of my former storefront studio which afforded me a every artwalk for 40 months experience,  I’ve had steady opportunities to exhibit my work.  Upcoming exhibits in the Winter and Spring at new spaces will be good for me.  In January I’ll be exhibiting with 3 or 4 other artists at a new gallery space in Port Townsend called Simon Mace Gallery.  From February through May my works will be found at St. Joseph’s Hospital as part of the Healing Through Art program, something I’ve wanted to participate in since hearing about it.  I’m so hoping hospital visitors find a quiet, contemplative experience with my paintings.  And then, in April I’m planning an exhibit at the Amadeus Project in Bellingham complete with an artist talk about how poetry influences my work (April is National Poetry month).  Whew, and then it’ll nearly be summer.

There will be a couple of new pieces in the Healing Through Art Exhibit and I’m hoping to create a grouping of large scale works for the April exhibit.  I may have to give up that sleep in Saturday! Here are a couple of paintings from the archives, both owned by the same collectors, but purchased nearly a year apart.

A Whisper, oil on canvas, 8 x 24 in, Private Collection

Inflow, oil on canvas, 8 x 24 in, Private Collection

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