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Size Still Matters

The final exhibit at my storefront studio Works on Canvas opens Friday, February 4th. There are some great works represented by Bellingham’s artists. It was rewarding to see that some of the artists in the exhibit really took it upon themselves to explore a new size of working and created new pieces for the show. I had a fabulous time, thanks to Ruthie, in creating 3 new big works. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself originally thinking that I would work exclusively on the 50×70 canvas my friend Jane Hovde had donated to me (her husband made the fir stretcher bars 30 years ago and the canvas had been sitting in her studio since then. I restretched it with new cotton.) Ruthie advised me to get a couple more so that I could work in a freer manner. And, I like all 3. January was a good month in the studio for me. Not only did I create these 3 large new paintings, but I also got to work on a new series of 18×18 paintings that are a bit about searching for my new place–especially now that I’m no longer a gallerist.

Here’s to Size Still Matters. (I live my life in widening circles, 36 x 48, Living the questions II, 30 x 48 and Nimbus grey, 50 x 70)

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