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Surviving the Parting and Nature in the Balance Exhibit

Be ahead of all parting, as if it had already happened, like winter, which even now is passing. For beneath the winter is a winter so endless that to survive it at all is a triumph of the heart.

Be forever dead in Eurydice, and climb back singing. Climb praising as you return to connection. Here among the disappearing, in the realm of the transient, be a ringing glass that shatters as it rings.

Be. And know as well the need to not be: let that ground of all that changes bring you to completion now.

To all that has run it course, and to the vast unsayable numbers of beings abounding in Nature, add yourself gladly, and cancel the cost.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The Whatcom Museum is holding an open exhibition in conjunction with its upcoming Vanishing Ice show titled Nature in the Balance.  Artists are encouraged to submit pieces which speak to the topic of our changing climate. This is my submission, titled Surviving the Parting.

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