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The Four Seasons, Twombly and Rothko

Sharon Kingston studio with Four Seasons in progress

I’ve always wanted to paint a Four Seasons Series–large scale and immersive–like Cy Twombly’s Quattro Stagioni that I was fortunate enough to see at the Tate Modern in 2008.

I bought the canvas long ago and they’ve been hanging around the studio.  I began Winter in Winter (see at left and titled Passage) and am still contemplating its completion.  On Friday I began Spring with the intent that the cloud layin will move back behind layers of views–through the willow buds and cherry blossoms…abstracted of course.  Painting each season in season is an important aspect of this series. And connecting each painting to a Rilke poem is an important part of my process.

So, it was a bit coincidental with the Four Seasons so much on my mind, to attend a local production of the play RED last night.  This play is an homage to my art hero Rothko (my painting technique and many of my philosophies about art are consistent with this great man) and a peak inside the studio and decision to take and then retreat from the famous Four Seasons Seagram Building commission.  I felt like I could have been on stage speaking his words, so connected is my process.  The layering, the spending the time contemplating and looking and the desire to have the viewer spend the time there also.

Working title spring, 60 x 72, oil on canvas, in progress

Passage, 60 x72, oil on canvas Sharon Kingston

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