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Source and form have melded in my paintings in such a way that poetry, nature, color, light, mood and atmosphere are at one with my method of layering oil on canvas.  Void of visible brush stokes and seemingly lit from within, I have spent my career mastering my method and using the outer world as a shoreline to our inner longings.  My paintings, often paired with poetry that I am contemporaneously reading, offer an opening to the contemplation that accompanies those moments in nature where melancholic beauty quiets us.  Mimicry of an objective nature is less the goal than evoking the mood and atmospheres of our existence.  

In my recent paintings the sea and sky have taken on a larger and more energetic role, giving me the space to explore a loose yet structured mark making—just as the sea and sky themselves are both chaos and order.  I find inspiration in scrims; the veil of fog, the glare of sunlight on water, the quieting as night approaches and everything is reduced to shadow and light, the revealing of a well of color at dawn and the heaviness and energy of a storm.

I live in Bellingham and have a storefront studio in the downtown area.  I have been exhibiting my work professionally for the past 20 years.  My paintings are held in collections throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

I have exhibited my work extensively in galleries and curated shows. I currently show my work at my storefront studio only--by choice-- and have no gallery affiliation at this time.  

Make an appointment to view paintings by sending an email here.



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