I WELCOME COMMISSIONS.  I'VE CREATED MANY, MANY SUCCESSFUL paintings for people (please see the LARGE SCALE TAB for examples). And really enjoy the process of doing them.  Out of the countless commissions I've created, only one has been rejected. 

How to begin:  A commission is a painting created specifically for your needs or space.  Therefore, to begin you need to know 1) size 2) palette 3) source painting (one of mine, of course, or why would you be reading this) or a source photo that is similar in style to what I paint.  These are not things for me to discuss with you--they are for you to decide before you come to me.

size:  tape out on your wall the size that works for you.  I like to work in standard sizes, but anything is possible for a price.  Note that non-standard sizes will have an upcharge and require more time because it takes me hours to build a custom size canvas versus purchasing a prestretched canvas. (if you'd like me to digitally place a few paintings on your taped wall, send me an image straight on of the taped wall (and the size of the taped box) and the names of some paintings you like.

palette:  I'm happy to work with a color scheme.  If color matching/compatibility is important for you, please bring me swatches, wood finishes, etc.  

source painting:  choose a painting that speaks to you.  Most successful commissions are me altering the size or palette of an existing painting or painting from a client's source photo. It is paramount that we all agree on a visual goal.

When you've figured the things out above, then give me a call or schedule an appointment.  Most of the time, creating a commission is priced at a small markup to a similarly sized work in my available paintings. (so a 48x48" is $3500 plus a markup ranging from 20-30%)  If you want a custom size, that'll add to the cost.  If you want me to visit your space, that'll add to the cost.  I will estimate the cost of a commission when I know all the factors involved.  When I price a commission it does not include delivery, or shipping, or framing, or hanging. (just like you don't expect to have furniture delivered, unboxed and arranged for free.). I have an old pickup truck and the use of an SUV, so I'm happy to do what I can for a small fee, but not for free.

To begin a work (which means acquiring materials and allocating time in my schedule) I require payment of a non-refundable deposit. Although it is very customary to require a 50% non-refundable deposit on commissions, I don't do that.  I require a $500 nonrefundable deposit on commissions less than $2000. any paintings above $2000 require a 25% non-refundable deposit.


A commission takes between 4-6 weeks.

When I think the painting is nearing completion, I'll send you a video and images.  You can make comments at that juncture and I'll try to incorporate your suggestions.

I'll then finish the painting and have you in for a review.  

If you don't like the work, I'll keep the deposit and sell the painting out of my studio.

If you approve the work, I'll varnish it and we can make arrangements for framing, delivery, shipping, hanging etc.

If I make studies for the commissioned painting, they are the property of the artist regardless of the source of the image and I may choose to sell those studies at whatever price I want.

My schedule is currently open for 2021 commissions.

Commission Request





    open by appointment

    please call / text

    360-739-2474 or

    email sharonkingston@me.com



    If item is damaged in transit, it will be replaced with a painting of similar style and value.


      203 PROSPECT ST

      Bellingham WA  98225

      my studio is open by masked appointment

      please send me a text with the
      day and time you'd like to come by.

      Sharon Kingston is a Northwest WA oil painter who uses the properties of her medium to create paintings that respond to both the atmosphere of her surroundings and poetry. This method of looking inward and outward and, in the moments of painting, finding her way on the canvas is her approach to creating paintings infused with poetry and the memory of landscape. The atmospheric element of her work is a testament to her desire to create spaces that are undefined, contemplative and allow room to reflect and accept uncertainty. Poetry, by nature open ended, is used both in the conceptualization of the work and as a part of the studio practice. The words of Rainer Rilke have informed Sharon’s work for many years, but she also turns to contemporary poetry when it resonates with her life. She uses layers of transparent color, reveals forms by concealing and unearthing pentimenti and suggests elements of landscape in her process.