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 the Cloud Atlas Series

If painting is but another word for feeling, and the sky - in its mysterious combination of transcendence and inwardness and weighty insubstantiality - an organ of sentiment, then cloud studies are less a notation of changing weather effects than a series of romantic lyrics: exhalations and exclamations, meditations and reflections, loosely attached to a specific location or moment in time. (From romantic things: a tree, a rock, a cloud' by Mary Jacobus).

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The Picture Poem Paintings

pairings of the translation of a poem into a picture using oil on canvas with the literal inscribing of the poem's words using acrylic, graphite, oil and litho crayon.


Here is the unity of dread and bliss picture poem, 36x36" each based on these words by Rainer Rilke:"The person who has not, in a moment of firm resolve, accepted—yes, even rejoiced in—what has struck him with terror—he has never taken possession of the full, ineffable power of our existence. He withdraws to the edge; when things play out, he will be neither alive nor dead."

2023 Flower Paintings

every summer I'm inspired to paint a few flowers.

These are mock orange blooms drawn into wet German Earth oil paint on linen canvas.

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