Inspired by Mark Doty's poem 'fog suite' and the idea of imbuing each painting with a color story crafted from Benjamin Moore's 2021 palette, the fog suite paintings explore the beautiful and nuanced light of the visible uncertainty that is fog. And how this weather phenomenon seems ever so relevant and true to the atmosphere of our current existence.

There are five suites.  Paintings will be sold individually. 
all are currently 
available to purchase

These are brand new works consistently priced within a structure I've used to price my paintings for many years.  Discounting will not be considered on any new works. Framing is sold at cost plus a small mark up for time to build and fit.

A painting is only considered sold when paid for in full.  Paintings cannot be put on hold and a deposit covering the price of the painting will be required if you'd like to preview a painting in your home.  I will consider a payment plan that spans no more than 3 months.