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Inhale | Exhale

daybreak's murmurs and nocturnal whisperings, each 48x60" oil on canvas, sold

this is the first pairing I conceived of and created with the idea of using two paintings with opposing sentiment to show their interconnectedness and tension. I've now, I think, switched all subjects to be seascapes, but at the time of making these I hadn't yet narrowed my idea. Here I was most interested in using indigo, the primordial color, to speak to day and night's soft spoken-ness. Dawn and dusk are liminal spaces untethered to either the brightness of day or the deep foreboding of night. These moments are the whispers and murmurs that surround the opening of the well of color at daybreak and the closing of eyelids at evening. Whisper is a poetic word used to express soft motion, breath, words. It is these moments full of quiet stillness--one casting away and one embracing darkness--that I sought to depict with these two paintings.

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