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And With Ending Begins

Abstract, Sea 1997  Gerhard Richter

Friday was my last artwalk at 301 W Holly St, M5.  For over three years and 40 consecutive First Fridays (missed just one) I have been exhibiting my work in this gallery space.  First as the owner, and then as a guest artist for Kat Schneider.  I can’t tell you how much I will miss doing this.

Bellingham is rich with many things–the beauty of our natural surroundings, being just one.  What I’ve discovered in these years of presenting my work is the passion so many in this community hold for the arts and the support given us artists through their participation in events such as Downtown Artwalk.  I have been extremely blessed to have my emergingness as an artist informed by the responses and support of this most intelligent and appreciative public. 

Moving forward I’ll find myself in many exhibit spaces, I’m sure.  None will compare with the energy and all out generosity of goodness that came with the gallery space on Holly Street.  And so, with ending begins a new chapter in my artistic life.

Above is a painting by Gerhard Richter, who has spent the whole of his artistic life avoiding categorization.  Now known for his large scale abstracts, he has painted clouds and still life–as well as figurative works.  On Saturday as I was taking down my final exhibit, the art patron who for two years visited my gallery every month, came to pick up his painting.  He brought a book of Richter’s work and we talked at length about this painting–which I adore.  It carries both the subjective appeal of abstract with the emotional appeal of landscape–something which I’ve aspired to create with my work also.  I’m not enamored with all of Richter’s work, but I feel this painting in particular will offer me an inspiration as I move forward with some large scale paintings of my own.  My gratitude to LH for purchasing the painting below on the last First Friday–appropriately titled “and with ending begins”–and many thanks for the book loan and great art discussion as I was leaving this special space behind.

And with Ending Begins, 30 x 30 in, oil on canvas private collection of LH

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