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Big Decision meets Big Painting

This week I made the big decision to retire from the role of gallerist. I’ve been utilizing the storefront studio model as the business plan for my loft-like space Works on Canvas. And because the space really does lend itself so well to being a gallery–the notion of it being that and where I found myself devoting a lot of my time left little room for the studio aspect of my work. Finding my workspace and creative energies being usurped more and more by presenting and selling other artist’s work–which has been wonderful, I’ve made the important decision to take back this time and energy and devote these resources to my painting. Running a storefront studio gallery requires in an artist a temperament for interruptions and the ability to, in this situation with my studio on site, let people into one’s private world of art making–daily. And, as many of you will attest to, this was particularly difficult for me. Unable to afford to have both a separate studio and maintain the gallery as a unit–and spending years rearranging the space and working with various informal partners– I’ve decided to pass the torch and turnkey gallery to another. The Size Still Matters Exhibit will be my last at Works on Canvas. I’m finding myself a cave where I can just paint.

And having made the decision to let go of this business that I spent the last 3 years evolving, I felt the inexplicable need to paint as large as my decision felt. The 50×70″ canvas which had been sitting in the back of the studio was finally met with source, desire, skill and energy. titling it “maybe tomorrow there’ll be sun” or nimbus grey or just jane’s canvas. I will be showing it at the Big–and final–exhibit at Works on Canvas February 4 – 26th.

As for the future, I’ll let you all know where I land or which cave I crawl into. And, watch for the announcement of the new “person in charge” at 301 W Holly St M5. She’s getting a really wonderful space from which to present great art. I hope you continue your patronage and support–I felt it all a gift to me and am so fortunate to have shared my love of the visual arts with you all.

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