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Cleaning House

Three years ago I moved directly into my 1200 square foot studio / gallery from my basement studio. I brought with me an unedited load of stuff which now has to be sorted through as I prepare to move my studio once more. However, back then my path as an artist and art educator was not as clarified as it is now and so the ridding myself of excess is quite simply– cleansing. In my current process I use a specific paint, with a specific medium on a specific support. I no longer have the need for children’s art supplies and volumes of lesson plans and tables and chairs. I no longer have the need for ladders and light fixtures and bulbs and loads of hanging hardware. I can keep my books and extra stretcher bars and framing materials in a closet at home. I’m reducing down to 200 square feet (that’s 1/6 of the space that I’ve been using (and paying) for.) Although long term I’d like a bit more room to move around in and the ability to back away from my paintings for contemplation, for now I’m okay with it all. Moving will entail an easel and a painting table taken up a flight of stairs–and maybe my printer. I feel untethered and free and ready to be as flexible as the future requires of me.

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