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Evening Love Song

Evening Love Song, 30 x 40 in, oil on canvas

This painting is my second experiment with this image of two clouds (the first being Ornamental Clouds, 48 x 48 in).  The more time I spent with the words associated with the image, the more I wanted to deepen the painting.  There are successes in both, I believe.  I like the square format on the first painting and I like the warm richness of the clouds on this one.  There are technical differences that don’t necessarily present themselves to the viewer, but I get the learning that resulted from doing it over.  The same subject gives me the chance to explore and grow.  I thought a lot about my parents–who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this Spring, while painting this.  Something about mature and lasting love that keeps creeping in on this image.

Here are the words by Rilke.

Evening Love Song

Ornamental clouds compose an evening love song; a road leaves evasively. The new moon begins

a new chapter of our nights, of those frail nights we stretch out and which mingle with these black horizontals.

Rainer Maria Rilke

The clouds taking shape on a cinnabar background.

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