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Feelin’ a Transition coming on…

Change is in the air.  I’ve been experimenting in the background for a few months now, and had a breakthrough in the studio over the holiday weekend.  Most certainly due to TIME–no exhibits for a while so studio time is plentiful, relatively speaking–and the viewing of Elles at SAM.  All empowering and inspiring.  Concept in mind, I’ll be working on a few smaller studies (show below, Secret Beach) before embarking on some really large scale pieces with the idea of showing them all as a body of work sometime in the Spring.  It is really quite wonderful to feel re-energized.  It is the painting season.  The skies are grey, the light is perfect in my studio, the radiator works and there are funds from recent sales to pay for surface, paint and brushes.  Thankful for everything!

Secret Beach I, 12 x 16 in, oil on board

Secret Beach II, 12 x 12 in, oil on board

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