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Finger Painting A World

In honor of Earth Day, I finger painted a sky. A heathly fluffy white clouded breathable sky. On such a fabulous spring day I could not bring myself to continue working on a painting that had gotten too dark (you can see it around the edges). So without much ado and not really knowing where it was going to take me, I flipped the canvas 180 degrees, found a fabulous blue oil stick and went to work. The white clouds were added with my fingers–loosely and quickly. Not a single paint brush was used in their fabrication. If only we could have the same light touch on our environment.

Here’s the poem that’s been attached to this painting. It’s a good one for today. Whoever you may be, step into the evening Step out of the room where everything is known Whoever you are your house is the last before the far off With your eyes, which are almost too tired to free themselves from the familiar You slowly take one black tree and set it against the sky slender, alone. And you have made a world. It is big and like a word, still ripening in silence And though your mind would fabricate its meaning Your eyes tenderly let go of what they see. Rainer Maria Rilke

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