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fog suite 2: beacon hill damask

Fog Suite 2 consists of 3 16x16" paintings on cradled board. They all began with a gold gesso to give the underpainting that glimmer and to also add a texture to the smooth surface of the board.

Beacon Hill damask is certainly the most gold of the three and the final colors of the piece do so remind me of an antique fabric.

The actual scene of the painting is again from one of my image captures of a morning on Lake Whatcom here in Bellingham.

The fog suites would not be complete without at least one poem from my beloved Rilke.

“And you wait, you wait for that one thing that will infinitely enlarge your life; the gigantic, the stupendous, the awakening of stones, depths turned round toward you. The volumes bound in rust and gold flicker dimly on the shelves; and you think of lands traveled across, of paintings, of the clothes of women found and lost. And then suddenly you know: it was then. You rise, and before you stands the fear and prayer and shape of a vanished year.” –Rainer Maria Rilke (Trans. Edward Snow)

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