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In Situ

So fun to be invited to drink wine, talk about travel with new friends and view my artwork in situ. Shown here my painting Loss of Empathy, which went home with Christine last October. She has been a frequent visitor to the gallery during first friday artwalks and I simply adore her and couldn’t be more thrilled to see how fabulous the painting looks in her home.

I only created a couple of these large fruit paintings. For years I’ve been teaching a lesson on Magritte’s big apple to elementary age students and needed to get all that skill with creating form onto a canvas. Groupings of fruit can create a narrative and when my husband suggested that I pull out the apple next to the bruised looking one on the far right, the meaning was made apparent. Group Think,

my pear painting, is still available for purchase. Sitting on my mantle at home right now, but as any artist will tell you, everything’s for sale. Contact me if you’d like to come over and see it.

Here are a couple more shots of paintings in their new environs.

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