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Listen, oil on gessobord, 8 x 10 in,  2010  Sharon Kingston

Yesterday I was talking about “silence” and today I’m contemplating voices.  Maybe it is all about being still long enough to experience an overlap of the senses– see the music and hear the colors–or somehow transcend the sensory categorization.  As the winds take up their surging again tonight–these words from Rilke came to mind reminding me to listen. 

The rich and the happy can choose to keep silent, no need to bid for attention. But the desperate must reveal themselves, must say: I am blind or: I am going blind or: it’s not good for me here on Earth or: My child is sick or: I am not holding it together…

But when is that really enough? So, lest people pass them by like objects, sometimes they sing.

And sometimes their songs are beautiful.

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