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Loose and free

In Process, 12 x 16 in, oil on canvas

The weather was fantastic today and so my typical 3-4 hour studio session after work ran about an hour.  I wanted to go kayaking with my daughter and hit a round of badminton with my son.  Sometimes, with this kind of mindset, a studio session can be unproductive (like I should’ve just skipped it) or it can be loose and free–as it was today.

I’m working on a series of Stimmung paintings–that atmospheric quality that defies borders/definition and allows individual interpretation and response with that left unsaid.  Just the nature of what my intent is with these paintings calls for a certain letting go of what I’m painting.  I guess the process could be equated to a sort of disconnect so that the subconscious takes over–letting the studio fairy in.  Because I had such a short studio session and because these were early stages of the paintings, there was a freedom to my work and a lightness to the application of paint.  I almost always love my paintings at this stage–before they enter into a no-mans-land of not knowing what to do or where they’re going.

So glad that I snapped a quick photo of them before I left so that I can enjoy them a bit before they become something else.

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