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Luminous Simplicity

I’ve been working on a series of 18×18 inch paintings for the past 6 weeks–some of them previously posted on this blog. They are minimal, atmospheric and full of nuances of color.  And, they are pure joy to paint.

Again, inspired by my surroundings and the atmosphere that is the Pacific NW, the paintings suggest landscapes, hills, mist, water and clouds.  It is these elements in their abstraction that give the paintings structure and a relatedness that I hope creates a safe place for the viewer to begin navigating the spaces.  And if more than the 10 seconds that is characteristically spent on an image is applied to seeing, I think there can be  found  in the places where light meets dark and sky meets land the thresholds between what is visible and invisible, sayable and unsayable.

I’m calling these paintings my luminous simplicity paintings.  They speak of contemplation and the mystery of finding more said through saying less.

These paintings will be on view in the LOFT at Kat Schneider Studio | Gallery in Bellingham, WA for First Friday Artwalk, May 6th from 6 pm to 9 pm.  In my opinion, they are much better viewed in person than in thumbnail form. 

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