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Merging I and II Oil on Gessobord 8×10 inches framed in walnut floater frame

I have been operating in two stylistic camps for over a year now. I create these atmospheric, emotive paintings suggestive of landscape in which the surface is very precious and rubbed and nary a mark is discernible. And then there are my looking inward abstracts which are heavily pigmented worked surfaces, many times paintings over paintings. It is here I play with the paint and rub with my fingers instead of rags. My recent sky studies have been an interim way for me to get more paint on the support and explore another surface (gessobord) that could provide me a way to bring these innerscapes and landscapes together. Last week (see below) I touched briefly on what might be a way to merge my worlds, but it was on an itty canvas board (but a great study). The paintings above (Merging I and II) are closer to what I imagined the combination of my paint applications to be. I’m not calling it a breakthrough, but I’m pretty excited about the possibilities. Yeah!

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