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My Yearnings. My Reality.

I continue to mull over what I want my next group of paintings to carry within them.  I continue to be influenced by this statement from Richter–primarily because I feel that the two arenas I’ve been operating in, abstraction and atmospheric landscape, are poised to collide…

“If I were to express it somewhat informally, I would say that the landscapes are a type of yearning, a yearning for a whole and simple life. A little nostalgic. The abstract works are my presence, my reality, my problems, my difficulties and contradictions. They are very topical for me.”

and I wonder, can these ideas exist together?  Can they merge on one canvas?  Yearnings/Reality  Static/Active  Nostalgic/Now

I’m sensing a closeness in defining the intention of my new work knowing that I wish to maintain my desire to create spaces of contemplation, and from that point I can move onto method and means.  Of course all this thinking has to end and I’ll have to just get down to work and see where it all goes.

Some more thoughts, for today, and a painting that carries a measure of the essence I’m striving for in it.

  1. Painting-as- poetry of a feeling-infused landscape. 

  2. Complex visions of a simple elemental nature. 

  3. The logic of nature translated to the abstract. 

  4. Open ended to reflect a place to grapple with uncertainty. 

  5. Abstraction, evocation, space and paint.

  6. And, as Suzanne just so eloquently said, “A Silence at the Center of All Things”.

Reconciling the ill-matched threads, oil on canvas, Sharon Kingston  60 x 72 inches

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