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Nature’s Restorative Power

  Beckoning, 12×12 oil on gessobord

Nature inspires and heals.  It gives us a reason to take a deep breath and look outside our banal existence for meaning.  It serves to keep us continually amazed and awed at its vastness and at the same time, focuses our attention on the relevance of the minute.

When I’ve been away too long, my spirit suffers.  And it takes so little to restore my connection that I’m always surprised at any reluctance to enter into its peaceful setting and just breathe in the sensory pleasures–the sounds and smells and wonders.  I think we could all better face the challenges of our existence with a bit more alignment with nature’s energies.

This is a small painting, 12×12, with little detail, but loads of atmosphere.  It’s elusiveness is purposeful to beckon us to take a moment and look closer.  As Rilke says in his Letters to a Young Poet, things may not be reconciled in your conscious mind, but they will be revealed in your innermost awareness.

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