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New Small Works Series

I’ve been looking for a way to be creative and expressive and work on a small scale for a long time. I’ve also had a secret habit of collecting loads of paint chips every time I visit the home improvement store with absolutely no intention of painting a wall. This is because I love color and the names of colors and the images these names and colors bring to mind. At one point I thought about creating paint palette poetry and corresponding paintings. But now I’ve got it! thanks to the fact that I’ve been painting every day and my great iphone and all its wonderful apps (you’ll find I’m all about linkages). Using the left over paint on my palette at the end of the day, I create a quick loose abstracted landscape. The painting evolves over the course of the week and then I snap a shot of it into my ColorSnap palette app and out pops a palette of my painting. The palette paintings! 12×12 oil on canvas.

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