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Painting Large Clouds

Ornamental Clouds, 48 x 48 in, oil on canvas,

I’m committed to painting large.  This painting is 48 x 48 and the subject and my style are quite wonderful at this scale.  Not only do I feel like the luckiest person on earth when I’m working on these paintings in my studio, but I am completely engrossed in both the process and the result.  It’s as if every painting I’ve done over the past two years has been a study for these new works.  There is subtlety and boldness, energy and calm, depth and surface and just a universe for the eye to wander in.  Rilke is all about merging the polarity of existence–and finding a way to express and unify these elements in my paintings has been an underlying intent in my work since embracing his words as a muse for my work.

Dekorative Wolken bestehen ein Abendliebelied; eine Straße verläßt 
evasively. Der neue Mond fängt 

ein neues Kapitel unserer Nächte, jener schwachen Nächte dehnen wir 
heraus aus und die mit diesen schwarzen horizontals sich vermischen. 

Evening Love Song

Ornamental clouds compose an evening love song; a road leaves evasively. The new moon begins

a new chapter of our nights, of those frail nights we stretch out and which mingle with these black horizontals.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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