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Paintings at home

A Gentle Unfolding and Slow Deepening, 48 x 60 in, oil on canvas (Petrie couch by Crate & Barrel,  Noguchi and Eileen Grey tables from, pillows and lamp from Target)

The silver lining in the grey cloud of this recession has been that as I continue to produce work regardless of the art market buying conditions, more and more paintings are accumulating in my studio and shouting out to me to “take them home”!  I’ve been having lots of fun staging them and working them into the different rooms of my house, but most of all, enjoying them outside of gallery and studio and website.  How luxurious this seems given that I’ve rarely ever kept a painting for myself.  Art sales feed the craft–studio rent, supplies and framing–and my favorite works have sold fairly quickly in the past.  Not to say this one won’t show up in an exhibit soon, but for the immediate future I get to lay on my couch and do the contemplatin’. 

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