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Pinterest Poetry

Social media platforms make many marketing tools available to artists–for free.  I know that Pinterest could be such a tool for me, however, I’m so struck by the beauty of objects and environments and FOOD, that I forget why I’m spending time there.

I have carefully curated the people I follow so that my Pinterest feed is only filled with wonderfully styled interiors, clothing and art.  I look at my feed from this gestalt vision, seeing the trends and connections between these random pinnings.  Today I found poetry in the pins adjacent to my newest pin.  Whether this was random, or by some behind the scenes algorithm, not sure.  But I’ve seen color trends that cluster in the past and have taken note of that also.

Here is my found Pinterest Poem for today.

muted palette fresh cut flowers in window light hush white after the rain

And, here is a color trend board I noted when pinning another painting.

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