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Serenity (Titling)

Serenity     12 x 12 in, oil on cradled gessobord.

Rarely do I have difficulty titling a work.  The painting at left is the fifth in a series I’m calling the Concealed from View Series…and the first four were simply called Mist, Fog, Sheet and Haze.  These are far simpler and less poetic names than the titles I traditionally attribute to my works.  Quite possibly the idea behind the series is still forming in my mind and it is only through the painting and process of making that  the concept is gaining clarity.  Be forewarned, the titles may change.

Mist, 12×12 in.

My family and I talked a bit about why I like to paint these obscuring elements like fog and mist.  I think I’m personally attracted to the mist not only because it is an ever present element on the hills in Western Washington throughout much of the year, but because I also sense that it slows us down.  That in preventing us from viewing the distance, the fog brings a heightened awareness to that which is closer and clearer.  That instead of paying attention to the far off (future) we pause and pay attention to here (and now).   The mist in its obscuring makes things clearer. All things important to living a mindful life and having a mindful art practice.

There is also something about being cloaked and veiled and enveloped–this masking yet protecting element–that I’d like to ponder some more and write about at another time.

But for today, my son offered up the title of Serenity for this painting.  It reminds him of a lake in the quiet of the early morning fog.  A good sentiment.

Sheet, 12 x 12 in.

Fog, 12 x 12 in.

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