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Studio Makeover

My brain has been consumed with DIY and the Home & Garden Show (I am the event director) and motivated by the fact that 30 of my paintings are out on exhibit, I gave my studio a make-over today.  One stop shop at Lowe’s for paint (the color Empire by Valspar), a gnarly woven jute rug, lamp, plants and screening curtains completely transformed the open space into an inviting sitting/conceptualizing area (can’t wait to get my art books in there), a drawing area, a space to hide all my shit and the ugly sink and a really great  space to paint with enough room to really back up from the paintings or adjust to the light.  My works look fab on the warm grey wall, so this will provide a good backdrop for showing and photographing.  My hubby says he’s got a  painting cart for me (the Bertoia chairs and Exhibition bench are courtesy his company  To complete the look I’m dreaming about getting a cabinet built around the sink with a not-mauve counter and not-mauve formica backsplash.  All in good time.

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