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Studio Tour

My studio in the sun today, October 8

I do believe my studio received as many accolades as my work these past weekends during studio tour.  And I would have to agree.  It is the most fantastic place to paint with the most wonderful light.   My paintings and I thrive in this environment.

Today I decided to share this ultimate in artist’s studios with another artist.  I can only make it to the studio on the weekends–and maybe sneak in a night during the week–and I can’t see allowing this space to sit dormant for all those hours that I’m working elsewhere.  Of course my new studio mate and I will work out a schedule–I like to work alone and we’ll arrange hours to accommodate that.  Reducing both my expenses and my exhibit schedule will give me a sabbatical of sorts–time to reflect on what I’m creating and why without the pressure of sales.    I have another full day in the studio tomorrow to chat it up with visitors before embarking on my new shared environment.  So many good things have been happening lately.  I am full of gratitude.

For all of you that like peaking into creative spaces, this book by Joe Fig has brought me great pleasure and insight into other artists studios

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