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Thinking about December, and January and February and …

Time flies when one is running a gallery. One exhibit folds into another and plans are being hatched for months out, yet at the same time I’m attempting to live in the here and now and paint. Lucky I am, though, to have such great friends who want to share their art in my gallery–which makes putting together an exhibit a downright pleasure. Up next, Jim Lourie and Kathleen Faulkner. Two fabulous artists and great people. Here is the poster for our upcoming exhibited called Landed along with a bit of info about each of the artists’ approaches to the genre/idea of landscape.

LANDED, an exhibit of works by Bellingham painters James Lourie and Sharon Kingston & Skagit Valley painter and jewelry artist Kathleen Faulkner will be on display at Works on Canvas Gallery December 3 through January 1st. The opening reception with the artists is December 3rd, 6pm to 10 pm during downtown’s First Friday Artwalk.

LANDED explores the concept of searching and finding one’s place in the world though artistic explorations of abstraction, material experimentation and the revealing and concealing of passages of space and place.

James Lourie’s abstract paintings express the rhythms, energy and organic order of the land. His landscapes are more about poetry than place. Sharon Kingston’s atmospheric paintings find a new grounding in this exhibit. More present is the element of ‘land’ in landscape as an intersecting body between water and sky and as a metaphor for exploring the here and now. Kathleen Faulkner’s landscapes are stories of time and place. Each piece has significant personal history and is part of an ongoing series that allows her to re-visit for extended periods.

Works on Canvas Gallery is located at 301 W Holly Street, M5 in the Bay Street Village Building in downtown Bellingham. Gallery hours are Tues-Fri and Saturdays, 11 am to 3 pm or by appointment (360) 739-2474.

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