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Trading: a Vermeer for a deChirico

The recession may have impacted the amount of art being purchased, however, I believe even more art is being made. I’m so lucky that other artists are in the same boat as I–and instead of filling our closets with our beautiful objects we’re being ever more active at trading our artworks. At the end of this downturn not only will I have developed multiple bodies of work, but I’ll have a fabulous collection of paintings/sculptures/glass by other Bellingham artists. Kay Little was a third of the trio in last month’s exhibit Third Person Plural at Works on Canvas. We traded paintings at the end of the show and I am now the proud owner of de Chirico Revisited. Kay went home with one of my paintings which is first in a new series that I’ll be working on over the next few months in addition to my Reading Rilke Series. The working titles of the series are Unpeopled or Presence/Absence… The works will be slightly smaller than this first off, but similar in content and style.

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