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Trying on Something New

I rarely experiment with surfaces.  I’ve found a canvas I love and stretch most of my pieces myself using purchased stretcher bars (I’m not that much of a purist that I create those by hand too!).  This prep process is fine for larger pieces.  Over the past year I’ve experimented with gessobord as a surface for smaller works liking the 3/4″ profile in depth and expecting that I’d like the smoothness.  The fact that you can purchase it cradled affording me a back frame to hold onto when I paint and making the work ready to hang were also pluses.  However, I find myself struggling with the board–something to do with absorption and drying–and only 1/4 of these paintings actually make it to completion.  Not a good ratio considering the fact that they’re $15 a pop.  So, onto another surface experiment I go for my smaller works.

The above painting (not complete but shown here for example only) was created on a 14 x 18″ clear gesso linen panel.  The raw linen peaks through in places and because it’s fabric and not board, the absorption I need with my process is happening again.  I like the idea of presenting the work as a framed piece with a matte sans glass or acrylic.  And, since I’ve loved maple frames forever, finding a way to finish my work with a maple frame is important to me.  Although the finished pieces measures in at 21 3/4 x 17 3/4–maybe not small for some folks–I think this might be my new format for smaller works–for the time being.

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