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Un, deux: The Peace of Wild Things Inspires Them Both.

Where the Great Heron Feeds II, 24 x 24 in, oil on canvas Atmospheric Landscape Painting by Sharon Kingston Inspired by the Peace of Wild Things, a poem by Wendell Berry

I have on occasion created two paintings exploring the same concept/composition/palette/poem.  Usually a big and small version so that I can noodle out issues on the smaller canvas when I’m feeling intimidated by the big one.  The same group of reference photos were used and, in this case, the same poem by Wendell Berry.   The couples are never direct copies of each other, but carry the same sense of the landscape that correlates to what I’m attempting to express from the poem.  I inevitably will adore some aspect in each painting which might seem inconsequential to the viewer, but because I created two paintings at once there was the opportunity for me to compare. The larger painting “un” is being framed as we speak for donation to a school and the “deux” at left was just completed in my new studio.  I love the yummy green that resulted from mixing two very unconventional colors and the old world feeling I get when experiencing this painting.  This is created from layers of glazes in the same way that those old guys we love from the Renaissance painted.  It is the square format that gives this landscape a modern appeal.   This painting is going up on the wall outside my new studio next week, so do call me and stop by for a view and a hello.  I’m finally ready for studio visitors.  360.739.2474.

Where the Great Heron Feeds, 30 x 48 in, oil on canvas An Atmospheric Landscape Painting by Sharon Kingston Inspired by the Peach of Wild Things, a poem by Wendell Berry

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