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What's on the easel today, 9/10

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

I’ve been painting stormy seascapes. This is the third one in the series. They feature the colors cerulean blue French (a happy blue sky color) mixed with Portland grey (you know, that muddy PNW sky color) and the result is luscious and numinous. It’s like the storm and bliss exist in the same space—largely driven by the color and light. I love storm clouds because of the energy that is held in the form and the high contrast in tone—they really are a joy to paint and a way to be comfortable hanging in the stormy spaces. There really is a sublime beauty there. Also. The less control I feel I have over my life, the more representational I paint. Guess how much control I’m feeling these days. I've read that Gerhard Richter who famously avoids categorization has painted seascapes for over 3 decades concurrently with his large scale abstracts. He says that his representational paintings depict his yearnings and his abstracts explore his reality.

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